Prepare Your Skull for Shipping

TWO OPTIONS FOR PreparING Your Skull for Shipping

Fresh Heads

Send us the complete as-is Fresh Head. You can only choose this option if the head is relatively fresh, and frozen solid. In the winter, you can send it UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post, but in the warmer months it must be sent 3 day delivery. Wrap frozen head in 2 garbage bags, pack in sturdy cardboard box packed tightly with some sort of insulating material (styrofoam, newspaper). If antlered, tape sections of garden hose over the antler tips to protect it from breaking through box.

Cleaned Heads

You can save yourself a few bucks by cleaning/preparing the skull yourself. To prepare it for us:

  1. Remove all hide, especially around antler posts.
  2. Remove eyes, lower jaw, tongue, excess meat, and any vertebrae.
  3. Remove brains by inserting a coat hanger into the base of the skull and scramble the brains a bit. Pull brains out with coat hanger and/or use high pressure water to force brains out.
  4. Freeze solid before shipping.
  5. Box the specimen as described in “Fresh Heads”.

Below is a picture of a black bear that is prepared for the beetles.

Packaging your Skull for Shipping