Metalized Skull Service
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Bronze/Nickel Silver Bears
Bronze bear
Nickel-Silver bear
Nickel Silver Whitetail
Bronze bear on Walnut
Bronzed Bison
Whitetail bronzed
Bronzed Coyote

Nickel Silver Whitetail/Oak
2 Bronzed Whitetails
Bronzed Boar
2 Bronzed Boars
Bronzed Grizzly
Nickel Silver Coyote
Nickel Silver Mule Deer
Bronzed Mountain Lion
Copper Whitetail
Same Copper Whitetail
whitetail bronze on Oak
bronzed boar / nickel-silver tusks
A patented cold metal application process has been developed that now makes it possible to put up to 95% pure metal on just about any surface.

Metals available are:
If you currently have a skull that is off-color or just plain ratty looking, this process will transform your trophy into an impressive work of art.

Maybe that special someone is a little hesitant in hanging skulls on your walls?? What skulls?, now you have one of a kind masterpiece artworks adorning your den or livingroom! (its worth a try)

The metalcoated skulls are now 100% weatherproof and can be kept outdoors indefinately without fading or falling apart

We can fix chipped skulls, broken noses, and missing teeth so that after it is metalized it will look 100% again

It is very important that all skulls sent to us for metalcoating be completely free of meat and dry. If there is still some meat attached, you will be charged a cleaning fee (minimun $20), we will notify you immediately if we feel a cleaning fee is required.

The following pricelist has three options:
#1 Send us your game skull already 100% cleaned and dry.
#2 send us your game head with the hide still on for us to clean and then metalize
#3 Send us your game head after you skin, remove eyes, brains, and lower jaw. We will clean and then metalize.


Species #1
Previously cleaned skulls - we metalize
Send us head w/hide on - we clean and metalize
Send us prepared head -we clean and metalize
Attach metalized skull to oak plaque (+$10 for walnut)
Small rodents & Mustilids




ADD $30 e-mail for
prices of
skulls not
Coyote, Fox Bobcat,Lynx, Badger, Wolverine




ADD$50 shipping and handling charges will be added to each order
Deer, Wolf, Javelina, Mtn.Lion, Goat, Antelope,




ADD$60 Click here for our shipping and returns policy
Wild Boar < 13" length, Black Bear, Big Horn Sheep




Elk, Wart Hog, Caribou, Grizzly, Wild Boar > 13"




ADD $90
Bison, Cattle, Moose




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